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Improvements in enemy weaponry have made smaller maneuver elements absolutely essential. To wage modern war, commanders must disperse their troops and decentralize control over them. In the Oriental/German or “Maneuver” style of warfare, any amount of firepower can be countered with enough surprise. To practice Maneuver Warfare, U.S. units must learn to function under decentralized control — e.g. each company as a group of semi-autonomous squads.

Posterity Press's tactics/intell. manual supplements are designed to help NCOs and officers master Maneuver Warfare at the squad level.  Four of them—The Tiger's Way, Dragon Days, Strategic Rifleman and Guardian Joe will also show infantry, special-operations, and SWAT squad members how to more easily survive

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Strategic Rifleman: Key to More Moral Warfare


Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods

The Last Hundred Yards - The NCO's Contribution to Warfare

The Last Hundred Yards - The NCO's Contribution to Warfare

Dragon Days

Dragon Days: Time for “Unconventional” Tactics

Expeditionary Eagles

Expeditionary Eagles: Outmaneuvering the Taliban

One More Bridge to Cross

One More Bridge to Cross: Lowering The Cost of War

Phantom Soldier

Phantom Soldier: The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower

Tiger's Way

Tiger's Way: A U.S. Private's Best Chance of Survival

Militant Tricks

Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent

Terrorist Trail

Terrorist Trail: Backtracking the Foreign Fighter

Tequila Junction

Tequila Junction: 4th-Generation Counterinsurgency

Homeland Siege

Homeland Siege: Tactics for Police and Military

Global Warrior

Global Warrior: Averting WWIII

Gung Ho

Gung Ho: The Corp's Most Progressive Tradition

Guardian Joe cover 

Guardian Joe: How Less Force Helps the Warrior

North Korea's Hidden Assets cover 

North Korea's Hidden Assets

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"Lt.Col. John Poole, USMC retired, has published much of the best material on light infantry tactics . . . by a living author. His timing could not have been better. . . . The outcome in Iraq remains uncertain, while the U.S. and its NATO allies appear to be facing failure in Afghanistan. The reasons are many, but one . . . is that the U.S. has no light infantry, while our oppenents are often very competent light infantrymen. . . . John Poole knows better than almost anyone else, the techniques of light infantry."

- William S. Lind, U.S. father of 4th-Generation Warfare theory